Event Schedule

Florida Pro Kart Series Race - Event 2


Additional Practice | 10 am to 8 pm

Monday through Friday the track will be available for normal open practice, alternating with rentals.

Friday Practice | 4 pm to 10 pm
Pricing | $25
Please note there will be NO PRACTICE available during the day due to a private track rental on the Road Course. 

Paddock Parking:
- Preferred Parking | $0.15/sf | Located across from the Kart Center building.
- Additional parking | $0.10/sf | Located north of the Restrooms. 
- Larger rigs will be placed across from the building with smaller trailers past the sidewalk towards the road course grid or across the driveway. 
- All trailers must be parked perpendicular to the road. 
- Palm Beach Kart Center personnel will assist with parking.

See the map below for more detailed parking information.

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